Improve your English!

Reach a higher level in the language as a key to open new doors

We can help people with English as a second language improve their English Language skills and performance.

We also help students in other countries to improve their English through on-line tuition and coaching.

Which way?  The choice is yours and we can discuss with no obligation.

  1. Improve your English whether you live in the UK or abroad
  2. Improve your Business and/or travel English
  3. Skype lessons using interesting materials that I can send as a PDF for each lesson
  4. Advanced Level?  Then practice your English with me, using a freeform format, or meet in town over a coffee?
  5. Business people can role play scenarios with me.
  6. Proof Reading your own material.
  7. Changing Chinglish to English - Present your business in a better light.  I can amend your text on websites, Facebook Posts, Amazon and eBay content and more.  Applies to any foreign companies.
  8. Improving your vocabulary.