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Gordon Lee (CPA,CTA, Lawyer)

Finance Controller at Mitsubishi, Inc

Hi Chris
i wrote a recommendation letter for you. Pls add it to your Linkedin account
hope everything is going well with you.
Best Rgds,
Gordon Lee

Chris was my ESL teacher last year.  i've learned a lot from him. He is really skilled and experienced at teaching ESL students. Particulary he can design and tailor the class based on your actual level. Open-minded, considerate, hardworking and easy to get along.  With his instruction, guide and teaching, you can make noticing progress in very short time. Hope you can write and speak very fluent English with his help!

Gordon Lee.

To whom it may concern,

Chris worked with me at the Web International English centre in the CBD area of Shenzhen for one year from September 2012 - September 2013.

From the beginning, Chris showed a very positive, enthusiastic and professional attitude towards his job and was always highly professionalism in his work and conduct at Web.

Chris has all the requisites of an excellent ESL teacher: a clear and standard pronunciation and a moderate speaking speed, as well as a good knowledge of English grammar. His relations with students were cordial but professional, and his amiable personality made him one of the most popular foreign teachers in the centre. He always received very high scores in student feedback surveys.

Chris has a keen interest in ESL teaching and is striving to increase his knowledge, skills and experience in this field. He also helped to raise standards among the foreign staff, particularly in dress code, punctuality and in demonstrating a strong commitment to and support for the company.

For example, Chris was asked to assist with and support the establishment of a new Web centre in Shenzhen and spent over 4 months there on a part-time basis. There, as at CBD centre, he was an extremely popular foreign teacher and was sorely missed by students and staff members alike, after returning full-time to CBD centre.

It was a great pleasure to work with Chris and I can recommend him to you with confidence as a fine asset to your school/organisation.

Yours faithfully,

Natalie Lai
Education Supervisor

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From: Cytma (India)
Sent: 21 July 2017 08:51
To: Chris Proctor
Subject: Results

Hi Sir,

How are you?

Got my results...

We did it!!

Finally cleared the test...W7 R7 L8 S 6.5 (I can club the previous scores for speaking)...

Thank you so much for your support throughout this hard phase of mine. It was impossible without you.

May God bless you always!!

I am truly blessed to have you as my mentor...

Best regards,


From: "Daniela Bochicchio" <Italy>
To: "Christopher Proctor"
Sent: 29/12/2016 14:08:26
Subject: Re: Re[4]: Link to IELTS listening practice tests


i wrote my testimonial here because i have problem to write on your website. I hope that it is fine.
Thank you so much for all!


“I prepared the IELTS exam in just one month. I obtained the IELTS score for the University. Christopher has been very kind and available. He gave me a lot of exercises to achieve a good preparation. He helped me in each task. He is very attentive for every need of the student. I recommend him!”

------ Original Message ------

From: "giuseppe pulcini" <Italy>

To: "Christopher Proctor (Apple)

Sent: 04/08/2015 19:38:36

Subject: CAE Results

Dear Christopher,
I have not heard you in a while, I hope you are doing well.

I am just sending you this e-mail to you inform you on the CAE exam results I have just received: I passed!

I am attaching a document which shows my overall marks broken down for every part of the exam.

The great news for you is that I got the best marks in writing! Which means you have done a great job with me.

I just wanted to thank you for all the time spent on my exercises and the accuracy of the corrections. It really make the difference!

I am looking forward to keeping practise on my english and I hope you won't mind helping me with that.

Have a great evening.


-------Original Message-------

From: Annie

Date: 15/07/2012 10:11:19

To: cpinchina@gmail.com

Subject: Thank you !

Hello Chris,

How are you?

Owing to busy work and study, I have not been able to reply to your letter until today for which I must apologize .

You are the best teacher I ever met .

Thank you once again for your hight attention to me!

I'm looking forward to see you soon

Your sincerely,


From: Danielle [mailto:woshidanieue@163.com]
Sent: 04 March 2013 22:35
To: Christopher Proctor
Subject: Re:Re: Please give me the classes ppts,Thanks!

Dear Chris:

Good evening ! I've received these ppt, Thank you very much! I think you're one of teacher stars in CBD center. I mind a small detail , a few teachers always are late for class several minutes but get out of class 5-6 minutes ahead. but you don't, You always extend several minutes with patience. IF you don't mind and if I have time , I will invite you for dinner , OK?
Best regard!


From: Jane [mailto:81116129@qq.com]
Sent: 03 April 2013 08:40
To: chris_proctor
Subject: Greeting

Dear Chris:

This is your student Jane. Nice to talk with you.

It is my honor to be your student. You are a good teacher with enough patience and always be nice to us.

This is my private E-mail address, not for working. Please keep it and keep in touch. I hope I can attend your courses again someday.

Best Regards.

Yours Sincerely


On 22/12/2013 05:25, Copperfield(科波菲尔) wrote:


Hi, I am Copperfield.

I have not seen you for more than half a year since you left Shenzhen.

I miss you because you are a good teacher and also a modest friend. I regreted that I could not supply you a lot information on jobs at that time.

I hope you can relax yourself these days and enjoy yourself in the coming new year. And I also hope you can make a progress in your studies.

I think you will win and can get what you want in the next year.

Chris, Merry christmas to you.




Hi Christopher!  I really appreciate your message and I feel so grateful for your help and support throughout the IELTS preparation. I got my IELTS indeed, I currently work for a private company within the clinical research field. I hope you are keeping well and safe in these weird circumstances. All the best, Marco

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